Gold & Ashes. Photo credit: Feruza Afewerki

Photo stories of the local community of survivors and bereaved from Grenfell.

Gold & Ashes is a visual series on the Grenfell Community by bereaved family member Feruza Afewerki. It features a collection of photo stories of the local community of survivors and bereaved, documented over 3 years, in hopes of highlighting the humanity and courage of the Grenfell residents, honor the memories of their loved ones lost and bring dignity to those directly impacted by the tragedy.

The visual series culminated to creating the Gold & Ashes photo book, feature length documentary and exhibitions across London. This series has been created by volunteer collaborators with a personal connection and commitment to this vision. A community as diverse and nuanced as this means we could never tell the whole story but the stories of the innocent lives that ended that night continue to inspire us to honour and document their memories.

Providing professional coaching support, I also delivered creative wellbeing workshops and participated in panel discussions with team members and the local community.


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