Masters of Invention II

Masters of Invention II

Existing work

Graffiti art meets contemporary craft

Invited by the Devon Guild of Craftsmen to curate the exhibition, I worked with fellow artist Khashayar Naimanan, to co-curate this internationally significant exhibition of disruptive urban design culture to their rural venue.

Practicing under their tag names, featured artists include Dutch contemporary sculptor Delta who is renowned for pushing the boundaries of graffiti, converting 2D graffiti lettering into abstract 3D experiences. Also find energetic figurative illustrations and rhythmic lettering from the inimitable Mode2, as well as playful ceramics and sculpture from legendary London designer, Teach. London-based Pride, master of the letter cut, brings graffiti writing into the 3rd dimension, while British born abstract artist Part2ism presents vibrant, reality-charged spray paint installations. Also on display are large conceptual calligraphic wall-pieces by internationally acclaimed Dutch artist Shoe – the master of Calligraffiti.

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