Differing Accents – Workshop

International typographic and lettering conference, Prague, 2012
Prague College in partnership with Letter Exchange and Teeside University

The Baskerville and Garamond graphic design cohorts, along with their lecturers Paul DeLave, and Martin Zet attended a graffiti/street art workshop led by UK graffiti artist Errol Donald. Errol’s shared his thoughts on the intersection of graphic design and graffiti art.

Attenders were given the change to spray their own street art on the walls of a concrete underpass, and were asked by Paul DeLave to write a ‘personal manifesto’ explaining their ideas on art and design, and how they reflected their personal expression and life experience. They then made a stencil of a symbol or image that represented the manifesto. Martin Zet asked the students to do freehand spraying, based on symbols and images discussed in his class.

Students’ comments were very positive. Permission had been given by the city of Prague to spray, but there was still the sense of excitement and daring, so often cited by street and graffiti artists as one of the most compelling aspects of their work.

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