Matugga – British Rum, African Soul

Matugga represents the union of many cultures: Rums are craft-distilled in small batches in Cambridgeshire, UK, showcasing British micro-distillery craft at its best.

The premium rums have been curated by husband and wife team Paul and Jacine Rutasikwa, who own extensive family land in Matugga, a town that is located 13 miles north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city. Their proud heritage, combined with playful innovation, has allowed them to capture and celebrate the most adventurous and unique flavours of Africa.

Working closely with the team at Matugga, the aim was to look far beyond the branding and visual identity, and imagine a spiritual place where Matugga is seen as an integral part of the natural landscape, embedded within the cultural fabric of the local community. Crafting a brand story that reflected the heritage and contemporary experiences of it’s founders allowed for the creation of a strong visual identity that while rooted in Africa, would also stand proudly alongside the leading premium brands within the sector.

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